When I first began building my business, I was an opportunist. I was a renegade marketer. I thought I knew it all. I was building website after website and creating product after product and as soon as I put up the site and added my Buy button, I was literally spamming the heck out of everyone I could find to buy my stuff. I was following the wrong crowd of opportunity seekers who were selling me the dream and encouraging me to sell the dream to others. Yes, I was following the herd (Big Mistake).

We both know that type of behavior has a short lifespan.

Meanwhile, while I was being reckless, some of my peers were beginning to get some phenomenal results. Their businesses were thriving while mine was stuck in the slow lane.

Of course, this irritated me. I got very defensive and started blaming my lack of success on the list I had built. I mean, it had to be the list, right? I considered myself to be just as smart as my peers, so it definitely wasn’t my fault. I guess the next step was to move on and create a new list and market to them until the sun came up.

The actions I just described are the actions of a habitual opportunity seeker and it was becoming pretty obvious to everyone except me that I had a problem.

So, what did I do to turn it all around?

I came to my senses and accepted the harsh reality that it was all my fault.

I did the one thing that I should’ve done months before. I asked for help! Yes, I simply and humbly (embarrassed actually) turned to my peers for help. Most were willing to help and what was just as amazing as their willingness to see me succeed, was the fact that they had all taken the same path to get to where they were.

The common answer amongst my peers was, “Lonnie, you’ve gotta hire a coach”.

Yeah, I know I took the scenic route to get to that answer, but I really wanted you to know two things about me and something I think I know about you.

The first thing is, as you can see, I’m probably not much different than you. I have no special super powers (other than the fact that I own a Batman Suit so that automatically makes me a super hero :). This road has been a pretty tough one at times, as it is or probably has been for you.


Once you get out of your own way and allow others to help you, you realize that a lot of the things that are happening to you, both the positive and the negative…

…are no one’s fault but your own!

Now, before you get really upset with me and unsubscribe, please give it some thought. Really give it some thought. Ask yourself if you are really doing more of the right things and exhausting every effort to build your business?

Let me know what you think by posting your comment below.

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