Dear Struggling Information Marketer,

I know. You’ve tried it all and nothing is working.

-You’ve tried building a list with Solo Ads, Adswaps and Viral Social Media: Unresponsive leads and a ton of Unsubscribes.
-You’ve tried Network Marketing and Cold Calling: Nobody is answering the phone.
-You’ve tried Webinar marketing: Nobody is attending.
-You’ve tried Affiliate Marketing: They’re buying through the other dude’s link.
-You’ve tried Product Creation: Nobody wants to promote or buy my stuff.
-You’ve tried sending traffic to all of the above with paid advertising campaigns using Facebook, Bing, Adwords, etc.: No clicks. No sales. No optins. Just wasted money.

Here’s the reason most information marketers fail…

The real reason why most marketers fail and aren’t getting the results they are looking for is because they are doing too many things at once and not focusing on one plan of action that has already been tried and tested by others. No, you don’t have to be a trailblazer in your profession (at least not in the beginning anyway). You need to find a solid plan of attack and implement it and focus solely on seeing it through, and focus without distraction.

Take surgeons for example.

Surgeons make money by performing the same type of surgeries over and over again. In other words, heart surgeons work on the heart; brain surgeons work on the brain. They have each completed the requirements to become certified specialists in their field and that’s what they focus on. Chances are, you won’t find a brain surgeon attending night school to learn how to perform heart transplants.

As it is the same with marketing information.

In the world of information marketing, you need to decide on something SPECIFIC that you want to become the expert of. You need an audience. You need a product. You need a marketing system. Without one of these elements in place, you are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to F-A-I-L.

A LOT of information marketers want to aspire to be the “Jack of all trades” and end up scratching their heads wondering why the aren’t getting leads, social media likes, and most importantly, aren’t making sales.

The reason is simple. You are doing it all wrong if you aren’t following a proven plan (I think I may have said that already). That’s not a good business model. You’re flying by the seat of your pants, trying this and that, hoping something will work for you.


If I have offended you in any way, let’s just see if I’m right. Throughout my journey as a successful online and offline business owner who has and is still paying his dues and earning his stripes, I have learned that there are certain questions you should be able to answer a resounding “YES” to when it comes to your business. I’ve added a few of them below to get you started. These questions are in regards to your Audience, Products and Services and Marketing. We haven’t begun to even tough on Brand and Traffic. I just wanted to open your eyes a bit. ?

If I were to ask you the following questions, could you without a shadow of a doubt, HONESTLY answer “YES” to Each and Every one of them?

-Do you know who your audience is?
-What makes them the perfect audience?
-What are their buying habits?
-Where do they hang out?
-Who are they currently buying from?
-What are they buying from them?
-What process led them to buy from that person/company?
-Why do you think they will buy from you?
-What do you have to offer them?
-Is this something they need?
-Why do you feel they need it and what proof do you have?
*If you don’t have ALL of these answers, forget about paid traffic because it won’t work for you.

-What is your Free Offer?
-What is your Main Offer?
-What is your Upsell 1 Offer?
-What is your Downsell 1 Offer?
-What is your Upsell 2 Offer?
-What is your Downsell 2 Offer?
-What is Your Continuity Offer that will keep them spending money with you?
-what software can you create or have created that will make things easier for them?
-What is your backend offer?
-What affiliate products can you offer them?
-What are your Bonuses?
-What else can you sell them? Uhh… How about asking them

-Are your marketing pages ready and connected? (Squeeze Pages, Thank You Pages, Sales Pages, Upsell Pages, Viral Pages, Exit Pages, Members Area Pages, JV Pages, Facebook Group, etc.)
-Have you set up your Email Management system and created the follow-up emails for your potential prospects and customers?
-Have you added all of your products and training, etc. inside your members area?
-Is your merchant and payment system in place, tested and ready to go? (in other words, can you get paid?)
-Have you set up your jv – affiliate system and tested it?
-Are your graphics, sales/training videos, audios, pdfs, etc. ready?
-Are you set up on all of the jv groups, product announcement boards, to spread the word about your product?
-Do you have a blog to share your content?
-Are you connected to all of the following primary social sites* and if so, do you have a plan for getting the word out about your brand, products, and services?


-Have you identified the tools, people, and services that can and will help to make this process easier to accomplished, streamlined and more automated for you?

Once you have achieved this, you now have what I call a “Real Business”.

With a “Real Business”, you now have something you can duplicate, test, tweak, add, take away, scale and even sell.

I certainly hope this helps and, at least, gives you something to think about. As I stated earlier, we haven’t scratched the surface of Branding and Traffic. Remember, these are only a few questions that I recommend you have a “YES” answer to.

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