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“Lonnie has one of the most consistent and reliable business models I’ve seen online and that’s what he teaches our students.”Omar Martin
“If you’re a beginner or an expert, you will LEARN a lot from Lonnie Robinson. There is just one step you need: Take action on implementation. Lonnie will guide you to success.”Roman Jancic

Lonnie Robinson is the President and CEO of Washington, DC Based Robinson Infomedia, Inc. and has helped many people build successful businesses both online and off.

Lonnie began his humble beginnings as a communications products and services provider. In 1998, Lonnie opened 2 wireless communication stores in North Carolina and South Carolina. He became the first African American Cingular wireless agent and achieved record breaking sales.

In 2002, he sold his stores and began consulting his growing client base on website and logo design, eCommerce and shopping cart set-up, web hosting and mail list management.

Finding his niche in marketing information online, Lonnie has focused on creating Information Products that teach others how to make money, utilizing the power of transforming prospects into not only customers but raving fans.

According to various online surveys and forums, Lonnie is considered to be one of the world’s Top Internet Marketers.

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John Thornhill
“I’ve known Lonnie for a while, but got to really know him personally the past few days. He was one of our speakers at our “Coolest Marketing Event Ever” and he shared some things on stage that really got my brain churning! As a matter of fact, he got a standing ovation from everyone in attendance!

His presentation literally gave me goose bumps!John Thornhill